I'm Moving

i have moved to new blog as this was in my older
name, so as people know me more as sharon becker
i made a new blog, plz click the blinkie below
as this site will just be for my older freebie kits
all newer items will be transfered over eventually,lol

Sharon Becker's Creations

Your A Star

i just recieved a fab pressies and got to
show it off from the talented Kittz

isnt it just fab! if you would like a go at her
tutorial for this tag then you can grab it HERE

the kit she used is called Purple Zest and is
shown below!
this is a pay to use kit which can be purchased
at scrappin Divaz Store, which is in the $2 sale
until thursday, ten its back to normail price!

Clothes Freebie

i was asked where you could get some Commercial Use
clothes for my greyscale commercial use bears,cats and
rabbit, and i couldnt find any myself, so decided to have
a go,lol i no there not brilliant, but i thought i'd offer them
for free! theres 3 textured tops and a plain one, 3 textured
bottoms and a plain one, so u can add ur own texture, and
they fit the Bears & Cats!
i did the same again for the Rabbits!
anyway here they are:

there to fit the large size bears,cats & rabbits
if i have time ill do the tagger siz and add it here!
and you can grab them HERE


you can find my commercial use greyscale Bears,
Cats & Rabbits at the Scrappin Divaz Designz Store
marked down to $2 each until sunday 10th aug!

My new Layout

WOOOOW isn't my new blog
just gorgeous, my bestest friend
Lisa did it for me, isn't she so talented!
(No, its not white,lol you have to wait a
minute until it settles down!)
if u'd like to see how she revamped
hers, why not pop along and say hi,
click the blinkie below to take you
to her blog!
Arty Pharty Scraps
She has some fab freebies too :o)

Down at the Beach Freebie

i been meaning to post a freebie,
and FINALLY i managed one,lol
so here it is :o), hope you like it!
if you wud like the large size, grab it HERE
if you wud like the tagger size, grab it HERE
plz leave me a comment as a thank you for
all my hard work, i'd appreciate it as i read
every one! :o)
and here is the main kit to buy

if you'd like to buy this kit its $2 at
scrappin divaz designz for a week, then back
to normal price after that!