i got tagged

omg i got tagged by LAURA

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7 facts about me hmmmmm

1. im married and have 3 children
2.im addicted to scrap making,lol
3.i hate liars
4.i love my friends
5. i have 2 cats- one is 8 months old
and called mr snuggles, the other is
3 months old and called diesel
6.i love driving
7.love my music

i'm tagging:
Lisa http://arty-pharty.blogspot.com/
Fi http://fisfaultscraps.blogspot.com/
Adrienne http://crazygirlscraps.blogspot.com/
Lori http://doodlesbylori.blogspot.com/
Karron http://clutznodoubtakakarroncobb.blogspot.com/
Kristi http://scrappindivaz.blogspot.com/
K http://carolinagirlscrapcreations.blogspot.com/

now i gotta go tell them the good news,lol


Designed by K said...

Morning Sharon :)
Just wanted to say ty for taggin me!
Mine are on the blog if you want to check them out .. have a lovely day! Big Hugs, K

Cris Lee said...

Morning Sharon
: )
Thanks to visit my blog !
My nex kits is your .
; )

I´ll do my best .

Have a nice day dear !

Hugs ... Cris Lee : )